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What is the delivery method?
You download the videos to your computer from inside the members area.
What name appears on my credit card statement?
How do I access the member's section?
When you join you choose a username and a password... write them down!
To enter, click on the "members login" link on the left of any page on the site. Use your username & password to enter.
How many videos are there?
There are 7,800+ clips updated 3 times weekly. OVER 10,000 Viewing minutes! The clips are in Windows Media 9 (WMV) format encoded for high quality.
I can get a free full video ?
Yes! After 30 days of membership simply contact Cheryl with your subscription number and choice of video from One more reason to join! Or ask for a full download video from our sister site at IRONBELLESVIDEO.COM
PLUS... get a free video or download every 3 months as long as you're a member!
How do I get my free video and/or calendar?

You must request the calendar and/or video by emailing Cheryl at Please include your subscription ID number. Please include your mailing address as well as (for your security) such information is not kept on file.
When ordering an IronBelles Video (not a monthly clip video) please quote your ID number to get the 40% discount.

What do I need to view the videos?

Windows Media Player9 Please download the latest version with the handy link below. Available for all Windows versions plus Mac!
Get Windows Media Player

What if I have a Mac?

You will need to use Firefox Browser to download the videos.To view Download VLC media player. It's free. Here's a link to get it... VLC Media Player for Mac

Does this work with WebTV?

Maybe. The mpegs are too large and WebTV doesn't support WMV format. BUT... if you have the newer MSN.TV they should work! If you have WebTV I can send you a copy of the videos monthly on a vhs tape or DVD.

Do the videos stream?

No, these are not streaming videos for several reasons. Many people cannot take advantage of a streaming video because they don't have fast enough connections. Even with a good connection the video can often stop and start due to a variety of factors ranging from a busy server to network congestion in general.

By not streaming the videos you can download the clips and then watch them as often as you wish off your harddrive. You can't save a streamed video.

How do I join?

Simply go to the sign up page and join with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB, or by checking account deduction. The credit cards are for anyone. If you have neither a credit card nor eligible checking account, email Cheryl directly for other options such as international money orders or PayPal.

Do I get charged every time I go to the video page?

No. You are charged when you signup originally then once a month thereafter. You are not charged per view.

I have a slow takes too long to download a clip.

In that case simply email Cheryl and state your choice of receiving a cd-rom by mail monthly or a VHS tape. And then order broadband!

What if I have a question or request about the types of clips I'd like to see?

There is a form you can use for this purpose on the members video page itself. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

If I can save the videos can I send them to friends?

No. The materials on this site, still, audio and video, are copyrighted materials. You may enjoy them for your own pleasure but they are NOT to be traded, sold or given to others. You can read more about copyrights if you wish.

Do you have a return or refund policy?

Yes! We will gladly refund your money or replace the video download if there is a problem and you are unable to use the site as it is intended. We are always happy to help should you have any questions or technical problems. As we do not actually ship a product there is no need for returns per se.

How do I cancel?

Please Email Webmaster with your sign up email address and request to cancel:
Cheryl Harris, President - Iron Belles

For questions or more information email:
Cheryl Harris, President - Iron Belles

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Over 7,800 Female Muscle Videos Online

Over 7,800 Female Muscle Videos Online

Over 7,800 Female Muscle Videos Online

Over 7,800 Female Muscle Videos Online